I belong to a great writing group on Facebook, The HaikuWednesday Fiasco.  Yes, it’s mostly haiku (and different variations thereof) with a ‘no-rules’ policy. The people in that group are my family and keep me sane.  We write whatever and whenever we feel.  NO RULES. Freedom to write what I want, how I want. Some of my ‘stuff’.
I can be shallow…And still have great depth
I can be frightened…And still fight with courage 
I can be greedy…And still generously give 
I can be sexual…And still guard my femininity 
I can be arrogant…And still show humility
I can be impatient…And still wait quietly

To know me is to understand…I can be all these things
To know me is to understand…I can be more
To know me is to understand…I have no limits
To know me is to understand…I will not be judged
To know me is to understand…I am worthy
To know me is to understand…who you are

Spinning the Coin

The coin spins slowly
balancing precariously on its edge
looking at it spin you see Heads then Tails, then Heads then Tails.

Heads and Tails. Good and Bad. Joy and Pain. 
Happy and Sad. Life and Death. Light and Dark.
Both sides in constant rotation 
keeping the coin upright.
Sometimes it spins in the opposite direction
Tails then Heads, then Tails then Heads.
Tails and Heads. Bad and Good. Pain and Joy.
Sad and Happy. Death and Life. Dark and Light.
As with the Earth’s rotation around the sun
we go through Dark to get to Light
and Light to get to Dark.
Whichever side we are on, the Dark or the Light
there is always an awareness of the existence of the other side.
Our coins will spin
we will see both sides, 
will experience both sides
because neither side exists without the other.
We can choose the direction in which our coins spin
Ever aware of, feeling through, experiencing both sides.
Heads and Tails. Good and Bad. Joy and Pain. 
Happy and Sad. Life and Death. Light and Dark.
Choosing which side, Heads or Tails,
starts the spin
and ultimately
stops, falls over
and ends

Fireworks all around me
Cannot compare with the fireworks inside 
Splashes of color
Pale next to the 
rainbow of emotion I feel
The burn fizzles against
The desire that erupts from
the depths of me
The thunder
Is a mere whisper
To the pounding of 
My full heart…

I innocently came on the scene
with haiku that was actually quite clean.
these folks from Fiasco
brought heat like tabasco
Thus bred the Cougar, hyped up on caffeine

Did someone say limerick-ku

Once I thought, “He does!”
Quoth the raven, “Never Was!
— Susan Haiku-Poe

their farewells they made sure to bade
should there be truth in predictions Mayans made
spent the night rashly carousing
when they woke up they were grousing
(except those of us who didn’t get… any)
End of the World Limerick Ku
fragile leaves dance in the wind
uncaring of direction
delighting in movement
spiraling skyward
then floating gently down
softly touching ground.
I can see myself
arms raised as if in flight
a long, diaphanous gown
dancing alongside
heart lighter than air

Sunlight streams through the windows
adding warmth to an already toasty room
the smell of coffee permeates the air
stimulating wicked thoughts
as I pad around the kitchen
wearing only my nail polish
I grab my notebook and settle among the pillows
and enjoy MY time, in MY space…

Patience is a word
I’m told I need more patience.
FUCK is a word, too.

I’m screwed – ku

The life of a flame
it starts with a spark
burns brightly for a brief moment
then slowly, quietly dims
until it goes out.
yet before that happens,
that flame has the opportunity
to ignite other flames
even full conflagrations.
each new flame
ignites other flames
keeping that original flame
eternally burning
The page stares blankly back at me
there are too many words inside 
bigger than this page 
bigger than me
too big to write
so I sit
staring at this page
and FEEL
every single word
while the page waits
and stays

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