The Mastermind Group

I’ve mentioned my friends a few times already.  I have a close circle of friends I’ve dubbed my “Mastermind Group”.  I got the name from Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”.  He recommends keeping a group of people together, advisors in a way, in your corner.  People who know more than you do, who can guide you or provide a sounding board.  (I can’t recommend this book enough.)   I have seven close friends—wow, when I say that aloud I’m amazed!  Seven?  I’m quite the lucky girl!  These wonderful women make up my group.  I go to them for everything—support, venting, laughter, dirty jokes, etc.  I know they are there for me, and I hope they know that I am there for them.  I love just talking to them and appreciate so many wonderful things about them.  Sometimes, depending on the problem, I only go to one or two of them; sometimes all.  But I know they are there.

Donna, Christine, Janis, Michelle, Marian, Sindy and Judy:  I love you all and am so grateful and happy to have you in my life.  You keep me sane.


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