Mood Music – The Whys and Wherefores

I’ve mentioned before a few of the different playlists I have and the different categories I sort my music into.  We all have certain songs that strike the right chords within each of us, whether musically or lyrically, or both.  I have a number of them that hit me both ways like that.  I call them my “pure” songs, their purity lying in what I consider the perfection of lyrical and musical combination—to ME.  I’d been meaning to write about them, but found myself having a hard time.  First of all, if I consider the song to be perfect, how in the hell could I write about it?  WHY would I write about it? Why not just put up a link to the song with the lyrics and let you see for yourself?  I guess the answer to all those questions comes down to the fact that I’m aware we are all different and have different tastes, and I’m afraid you may miss what I see in each song unless I show you.  I’ve said before that when I share a song, it’s because either the song says to you what I want to say to you or I want to share with you what that song does for me.

So I put together a list of my “pure” songs, or my ‘standouts’, and started making comments next to each song.  Then I realized I couldn’t do any of the songs justice in a few words. Also, too, the range of moods/feelings covered in the group of songs was so varied that I felt that I could never get my meaning across having them all lumped together like that, so they would have to be discussed individually.  Then I ran into the REAL problem: If I came across a “perfect” line or beat, how could I describe it? 

I shelved the idea for a while, but each time I heard one of my special songs, I felt the need to share it, to share the comfort or whatever I got from it. To share what it was about the song that resonates with me, hoping that you will be able to feel it, too. 

All this means is that now there is yet another category here in this blog that I will call “Mood Music”. 

“–Each song part of a compilation from K-Tel Records As Seen On TV for $19.99! Each month you will receive a new collection to fit every mood!”

No. Not really! (But you never know!)

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