This Nest will Never Be Empty (Freedom, NH)

A gathering spot

forged by the determination

of the matriarch

A Robin built her nest

keep Family rooted

Feathered by photographs old and new,

artistic creations, markings of growth

Expressions of all who’ve come and gone

Line the walls, the trees, the land, the breeze…

A Living History

For each member, a fortress of solitude

surrounded by loving memories.

Obvious even to the outsider
that no matter how far one bird flies away

her song remains.

Cindy was here.
I was lucky enough to be invited to this special place that has been a friend’s family’s gathering spot for over 50 years. I was in awe and humbled by the history around me, not knowing a place like this myself. A place you can be alone, or to visit those who’ve gone and feel they’re still there, and of course to create new memories. Whatever we think about our own family members, whatever problems we’ve gone through…they are still a part of us. I imagine that such a place can make one feel whole. To have a place like this is a real treasure, and it makes me want to start one for my own family.

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