The Hardest Apology

It was hard. She knew she had to apologize. Slowly, she lifted her eyes and looked directly into the eyes of her accuser, who stared at her with an unflinching gaze.
“I’m sorry,” she began, her voice barely a whisper. As she went on, her voice became stronger, “You were my star, shining your love on me without hesitation or question. We were partners. Your smile made me happier than anything else ever could. And I turned my back on you. I let something else become more important.”
No answer, but the look said everything.
“I was wrong. You didn’t deserve that from me.”
She looked away for a moment. When she looked back those eyes were staring hard at her, and she could see the anger. Taking a deep breath, she went on.
“I let my pride and fear get the best of me. I hurt you, and I chose not to acknowledge it.”
Now those eyes reflected pain and deep hurt, turning to disbelief at her next words.
“I miss you. I miss your smile and how it made me feel. I miss your belief in me. I miss knowing you are always with me. I need you to be whole, and I’m asking you to forgive me. To give me another chance.” Her voice broke on her next words, “I do love you.”
The eyes looking back at hers glistened with tears, and she felt them gather in her own eyes, but there was no answer forthcoming.
She turned to walk away, knowing there was nothing more she could say.
But she couldn’t just let it go. This was too important.
She turned back one more time, and opened her mouth to speak, to plead if necessary, but what she saw silenced her.
Her reflection in the mirror looked back at her, and what she saw in her own eyes was a small glimmer of hope.

She said nothing more. That was enough for now.

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