It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve …

“… another night like all the rest …” Thank you, Barry Manilow.

Yes, it’s the end of an old year and the beginning of another. I see too many people stressing about their plans for this evening (or “Amateur Night,” as most people in the bar business like to call it).

As the end of one period and the beginning of another, it is significant. But why? In actuality, it is no significant than any other moment, because each moment is the same ending and beginning; therefore, everymoment is significant.

What sets New Year’s Eve apart from every other night is the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that this one night is more important, more of a chance of new beginnings, than any other night – and all because of a change in a number.

The day you got your new job, got married, quit smoking, and/or bought a house have more importance than a simple night of having a glass of champagne at midnight – which you can do any night.

I’m actually quite surprised there wasn’t more of a hoopla made on December 20, 2012.  I would’ve thought the eve of the world ending would be considered a little big.

Look at all of us; we stay up late to watch a ball drop at the precise moment the new day begins. Isn’t every night that important? Because there are so many people in this world going through so many bigger, individual events, the way we have set this night up to be has turned more into a night of expectation – which, for many people (outside of a good party), can turn out to seem more like a night of empty promises.  There are too many people disappointed by not celebrating the moment with a special someone and a kiss at midnight – more than any other night.


Simply because it has been forever, it is a holiday. And any one of us can take it and make it something enjoyable, positive and happy.

If you buy into the adage about “whatever you’re doing at midnight New Year’s Eve will be what you will be doing the rest of the year,” – or something like that – why not go out of your way to make sure you are smiling?

No, you don’t need a reason, either; but maybe this will help you feel there is one:

Because New Year’s Eve is an event, there is the same energy out and about this night as Christmas. It’s palpable. There are a great many people going out to have a good time, and their energy collects together and connects. Just go out and stand among them and feel it – but do NOT hold yourself as separate or apart, or make silly comparisons about what you feel that they have that you don’t. Concentrate on the energy, really feel it. That will lift your spirits. Unless you believe it won’t – because you will be right. I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m just aware of the fact that truth is an individual thing; your beliefs are your own truths. If you believe nothing will work, then nothing will.

Then again, if you totally felt like that, you would probably not be reading this right now.

A part of the energy around NYE in the excitement for the new year is the simple excitement for the new. This is part of the reason adults are so willing to make a big deal out of this night, because after so many years and trials and tribulations, there is very little new to experience – which isn’t true. It is, however, a very popular collective belief.

Don’t be lonely. Even if you are a single in a sea of couples, if you are there with them you are not alone. Share the night with anyone and everyone around you. Be aware of how much your own negative attitude will shut you off from so much going on, including possibilities of any kind that a closed mind will blind your eyes to.

Make this night yours. Don’t set yourself up for expectations you really don’t believe will be met. If you go out, go out knowing that you and the rest of us are all celebrating the same event together. Be wherever you are. Right there and nowhere else. Tell your inner cynic that since it’s a holiday, he or she deserves the night off.

Our bodies were made to dance all by themselves; no one else is needed. All you girls know that there is always a group of us on the dance floor, and we all make room for whoever wants to jump in.
Let go of expectations. Feel the positive energy and the sense of new. Share the smiles. Make it your night.

That’s another thing our bodies were designed to do solo – to make things happen.

If you are at home alone, spending the night all by yourself, remember that you are choosing to do so. And if you are miserable, I can guarantee that your New Year’s Eve will not meet even any of your smallest expectations.

Make the night yours. Do something you enjoy. Watch the ball drop or don’t. Have a glass of champagne or don’t. There are no rules to having fun, and there are no regulations to New Year’s Eve (except the valid one about not drinking and driving).

If you feel negatively that New Year’s Eve is just another night, understand that you are condemning every other night of yours as insignificant.

The bottom line is that how you celebrate or whether or not you celebrate it is a choice. You have more input to everything you feel than you think.

Remember, that if you don’t take control of your own happiness, other people and circumstances will. You are not supposed to be a victim; you are a creator. Celebrate that.

Have a Happy New Year.

Or not.

Again, your choice. 

(But if you feel like dancing, even alone in your kitchen, I have a great playlist for you! Stepping Out or Staying In: Music to ring in 2016)

Stepping Out or Staying In: Music for New Year’s Eve

happy new year

Stepping Out or Staying in: a New Year’s Eve Music Playlist

With the thousands upon thousands of songs out there, this one is narrowed down to the anthems that embody the feeling of stepping out on New Year’s Eve.  We celebrate with feeling that time has stopped and we can dance and party as if the night will never end – but when it does (hopefully with a kiss), we know that tomorrow is really a new day. After all, “it’s just another New Year’s Eve…”

You don’t have to be going out to enjoy the music; kick up your heels with a glass of your favorite something and have yourself a private celebration of all you’ve come through this past year and ring in the next with a kick-ass attitude!

Stepping Out

Steppin’ Out – Joe Jackson

Tonight Tonight – Genesis

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

I’m coming out – Diana Ross

Celebration – Kool and the Gang

Raise Your Glass – Pink

Good to be Alive (Hallelujah) – Andy Grammar

Happy – Pharrell

Born to Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez

1999 – Prince

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory

New Year’s Eve – Snoop Dogg feat. Marty James

Funky New Year – The Eagles

This is the New Year – A Great Big World

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

Get Down Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band

The Power – Snap!

I Just Want to Celebrate – Rare Earth

Firework – Katy Perry

Here Comes the Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Everybody Have Fun Tonight – Wang Chung

Good Times – Chic

Let The Good Times Roll – The Cars

Shiny Happy People – R.E.M.

Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire

Word Up – Cameo

No Parking on the Dance Floor – Midnight Star

This is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz

Can You Feel It – Jackson Five

All Night Long – Lionel Richie

Beautiful Life – Ace of Base

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

We Are Young – Fun

Party Rock Anthem – LMFA0

Tik Tok – K$sha

Party Train – The Gap Band

Give Up The Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) – Parliament

Dance To The Music – Sly and the Family Stone

Let’s Get Started – Black Eyed Peas

Dance Dance Dance (Yowzah Yowzah Yowsah) – Chic

Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna

Thanks For the Memories – Fall Out Boy

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

Love Runs Out – OneRepublic

The Final Countdown – Europe

Last Dance – Donna Summer

Auld Lang Syne – Mariah Carey

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong


Here we can slow it down for the couples who are choosing to stay in and take advantage of the longer night…

Staying In

Same Old Lang Syne – Dan Fogelberg

Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day) – Sugarland

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Ella Fitzgerald

All of Me – John Legend

This Could Be the Night – Loverboy

It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow

Tonight I Celebrate My Love – Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole

Let’s Start the New Year Right – Bing Crosby

Happy New Year – Abba

‘Twas a Problem with Updates (No Christmas Cards This Year)

Christmas 2015 2

‘Twas six days before Christmas
I’d made up my mind
and sat down to make Christmas cards
– even came up with a design

With Sharpies all neatly arranged with great care
I sat down at the table
(and pulled back my hair)

My coffee cup placed on a chair by my side
to prevent any spills I wouldn’t be able to hide

And while I was doodling away with my pen
my computer decided to update to the new Windows 10

With my design in my hand, I went to my scanner
set it down on the screen in the usual manner

Back at the computer with movements so quick
Found the scan icon, moved the mouse, *click*

When, what happened then
I’ll tell you right now
Was a big, fat nothing
And I didn’t understand how

My cords were connected
The wi-fi just right
But my scanner wasn’t working
my obvious plight

More rapid than eagles I searched high and low
On Google and Microsoft, they seem in the know

Get new drivers installed for the printer and scan!
Restart your computer as fast as you can!

I did what they said
followed all of the signs
and still nothing worked
and I tried it six times!

I stayed up half the night
to get the job done
vowed to try again later
once morning had come

Reinstalled driver one
and the printer did work!
– but the scanner did not
and I felt like a jerk

Installed driver two
and according to plan
I heard the right whirring
— it started to scan!

With excitement I opened my scanned documents folder
and found my design, added font, made it bolder

I sat at the screen ‘til I finished my card
After what I’d gone through with the printer
This part wasn’t hard!

I got out the mailing list of family and friends
and the stamps and the envelopes so I’d be ready to send

The cardstock was loaded in the rear paper tray
All set to print
I was on my way!

The right number of pages, paper and size
I clicked on the icon and got a surprise

No whirring no buzzing my printer did make
I decided right then that was all I could take

Like the best-laid plans of those mice and men
There’ll be no Christmas cards this year
Thanks to Windows 10!

The Twelve (Wines) Days of Christmas

2014-12-20 00.17.49
(Also called: Who’s Getting’ Nuttin’ for Christmas?)

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
a wine glass filled with red Chianti.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
two Zinfandels
and a glass filled with red Chianti.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
three Pinot Noirs,
two Zinfandels
and a glass filled with red Chianti

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
four Chardonnays
three Pinot Noirs
two other drinks
and a glass filled with something that’s red

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
four Chardonnays
three Pinot Noirs
two other drinks
and a glass filled with something that’s red

On the sith day of Chrissmas, my true love gave to me
Moet & Chandon
three pinnonooors
(I spilled my drink)
and a glass filled with something that’s red

On the seventh day of Chrissmas, my true love gave to meeeee
seven sparkling Rieslings
What the hell is Riesling?
three pinnonnooors
two other drinks
and a – I really, really mean it

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love poured for me
–You’re being so sweet
Do you think I’m pretty?
Prettier than her?
– Chardonnay-nay-nay
(nay-nay! Ha!)
You trying to get me drunk?
Better not try to get in my pants!

On the ninth day –
Nine? What number are we on?
On the tenth day of Christmas …
Mmmm—mm-mm-mm-mmm …
What day are we on?

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
There is my table
– Someone help me up-
You should see me dancing!
(I hope I don’t fall!)
Someone hold my glass
this song’s mine
I can sing it, too!
Girls just wanna have – WHERE’S MY DRINK?

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
… san-jee-oh … san-jee … oh, fuck it!
then he tried to kiss me
Stop tickling me!
eight f*&(ing wha’s this?
Please hold my hair back
four Tylenols
three blankets
two soft pillows
– and now he’s getting nothing from me!