My Dear Child, I’m Your Mother. What Makes You Think I Left You?

The bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. It doesn’t matter if the physical coming-together came by birth, or simply by the opening of arms to allow the child in – because neither of those is the actual beginning. The beginning is the soul agreement made in spirit. Long before either of us were born of Earth, we lived in spirit in a place of pure love. From that timeless space we were offered choices of experience of life in physical density. It was there that I chose to be your mother, just as you chose me.

However I acted here, if I was at my Earthly worst, I ask only that you understand I had committed to other agreements as well, and chose to honor them. My actions here on this plane, positive and negative, are separate from the Truth that my agreement to be your mother was a voluntary choice of love and love alone, from love and love alone.  Even at my physical best, I couldn’t fully access the level of love my spirit could hold. I can now. Now, with the purest love devoid of judgment, I watch you honor your own spirit-made agreements. I notice the special twists you put on them, especially when you make a conscious decision to improve on mine. That makes me smile.

I watch you mother others. You tell them of your love and that it will always be there for them. Do you believe that you are merely repeating a fairytale? Why, then, would you assume that my very same words to you implied a story that ends?

Physical life is a circle. We begin in eternal spirit, then loop around to eternal spirit again. Circles have no end. You, too, will follow that same loop around, back to where I am. Look at the clock, with the big hand and the little hand. That’s you and I circling around continuously, sometimes close, sometimes a little further away – but always in that same circle, and always coming back to each other. 

Try to think about it this way: when you were little I took care of you, but there came a time when I had to let you go off on your own … to school … to work … to adulthood … to life. And I had to trust that it was the right thing to do. Later in time (as you know it to be), our roles were reversed. You became the nurturer, until it was time for you to let me go off on my own … and you know what? You did the right thing. I’m fine. Actually, I’m more than fine … I’m wonderful. I exist in, around, and of Universal Love.

You believe in love. You understand that love is something that can only be felt and not physically touched. How can you question my presence, then, simply because you cannot touch me? My touch may feel different now, but it is still there. It is there when you look in the mirror and see a glimpse of me. It is there when you turn your head to notice my favorite flower growing by the side of the road, or when you change the radio channel so you can hear a song that makes you think of me. Do you think those are random occurrences? Do you think I had nothing to do with them? Who told you to look that way? Who suggested you turn the dial? I send you these signs all the time; you just can’t see them because you are too busy looking down.

Please, dry your tears. There is no need to cry, for either of us. Pick your head up and look around; see me all around you. I am there – and I have always been. For you. That which you loved in me is in you. 

I’m not telling you to be patient, either. Patience is needed only if you are waiting for something. I am telling you I am still here with you; there is no need to ‘wait’ for anything. Enjoy life. Breathe.

Take advantage of the now moment. Know that when you think of me now, when you remember my laugh or my embrace, you are hearing it and feeling it once more. Now. Not ‘remembering’, but reliving. How have you lost anything when you can have it instantly with a thought?

Oh, Honey, how could you think I left you?

My dear child, I’m your mother.

And I am still here

With you.

I love you.

There is only one thing I want from you for Mother’s Day, and you can still give it to me, even now. It is the same thing I wanted from you when I was here:

Your smile.

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