All Truths are True

I know this much is true (you’re singing that now, aren’t you?):

All of it.

It’s all true, every last bit of it.

What is Truth?

Truth is what is real and accurate for a person. The truth is our beliefs based on how we feel about something. We learn what we believe by how we feel about something. Emotions are the biggest indicators of our own beliefs. A negative emotion shows us what is in discord with how we believe, and positive emotions reveal what resonates with us.

What is true for one person is not always the same as what is true for another. There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is also more than one way to make a soup, express emotion, write a song, paint a picture … live a life.

Some writers swear by writing out their thoughts in pen and paper, other writers say they organize their thoughts better on a computer, and still others get inspired only when using a typewriter. A person can believe his or her life is worthless even while others see value and potential – but whose beliefs will that person react on, ultimately, when they feel a decision needs to be made? A jealous spouse can ruin a marriage even if his or her partner is faithful; a woman who believes her man is cheating or will cheat will treat him with distrust – if she believes he’s a cheater,  even if he’s not it will still be true for her (and vice versa). Catholicism is divided on gender issues, yet all Catholics believe in the same God. Look at how many other religions there are, worshipping different Gods, with different rituals.

The common denominator is the human factor. In that, we are all the same. We all came from the same place, whether you believe God, Allah, or Darwin. We started the same but live in different expressions of what is true for ourselves.

Our biggest problem is that we feel the need to enforce what is true for us on others as if it should be true for them as well.

Our allowances and tolerances for other’s truths are incomplete; we only allow another person his or her own Truth only so far. True allowance and tolerance need to extend as far out as the possibility of something. Anything that can be thought of can be true. Anything that gives us that inner feeling of “YES!” or “NO!” is what determines our Truth, and our actions in accordance with it.

Yet we still feel the need to tell people what the Truth is. We allow others little opinions but assume we have the right to make their bigger decisions. We encourage “thinking outside of the box” in problem-solving. We are allowed to think outside of the box, but not live outside of the box? Where’s the sense there? At the same time, we resent those who try to enforce their truths on us.

Every coin has two sides, and it’s the combination of both sides that make the coin. There is no coin if there is only one side; this validates the existence of both sides. Both sides are ‘right’. All Truths are true because they are the basis for our actions.

We act as if we are afraid to let people be themselves, thinking that harmony can only be achieved if we are all thinking, doing, and being the same. Then, we criticize schools for their standardized testing methods that supposedly judge intelligence and aptitude but don’t account for differences in people. Then we preach of Creators who would build a world of polarity and ‘test’ all of it the same?


However you believe we were created, we were created with differences, and we know what works best for us. Let your emotions guide you to your beliefs and see what you follow/react to. If you don’t like something you find, you can change it, but be only who you know you are. Search for the “YES!” in your soul. That is what is true.
What makes a street a one-way street?

The sign.

Everyone knows it is possible to drive the other way; and it’s the possibility/reality of another way that makes that other way the Truth, also, despite the sign that someone else put up.

You can go your own way.

(You’re singing that now, too, aren’t you?)

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