About Me (just so you know what you’re getting into)

Right now, I am 47 years old, a hopeless romantic fool and a fucking cheerleader. One year ago, I was 46 and a bit of a hard-ass (but still a fucking cheerleader).

I live with my two daughters (aged 20 and 9).The only males living in our house (it could be a control thing) are two cats, Rudolph (Red) and Buddha (a/k/a Fat and Stupid), and two rats that my daughter insists I call gerbils, Super and Snowball.

Cooking is my specialty. I create wondrous meals every night, often spending my weekends preparing the menus for the upcoming week. I am as domestic as they come–

Yeah, fuck that. I ‘cook’ in a microwave and on a Suzanne Somers’ Somersize grill (STEAK!). I do have friends who cook. I clean only for company…maybe.

Coffee. Steak. Chocolate.

I can name that tune in 3 notes.

Everyone should wear a tiara on their birthday.

I believe I can fly.

Anger is an ugly color. Even on me.

Politics Schmolitics. Just say nay!

Known for: sexy painted nails (and I do them myself!), driving around with the top down (NE weather permitting), too many opinions (sometimes even wrong ones), extreme love of 80’s music, the word ‘fuck’, and (of course) my hair.

About Me (The LONG version)

You have been warned.


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