More Shameless Self-Promotion

For those who haven’t heard (those fortunate enough not to be near enough to me to shove something in their faces), I have co-authored a book with Jody Clark.

Jody is a screenplay writer from York, Maine, and has nine scripts under his belt. He went looking for writers on the East Coast to help him turn his scripts into novels. He found me (God help him) during his search.

I’m happy to say we were able to stick to something of a schedule and finished it in a year.

Our book, Livin’ on a Prayer,  is a comedy following high school sweethearts Tommy and Gina and their friends from 1988 to the present. It is a story that takes you from hair bands and Aquanet through tragedy and redemption, all the way to yoga pants.

If you were fortunate enough to experience the 80s – even if you only vaguely remember them – and enjoy hearty and heartwarming laughter, check it out here!



I’m “one of those” people…

Do you know how easy it is to publish a book nowadays? 🙂

I read many posts, blogs, and articles about all of the choices we have to get published, with breakdowns of who pays the most, offers the best distribution, who’s fair … all valid discussions, and worth reading. Yes, I would love to be able to stop working the “job I have to pay my bills” and be able to spend all of my time writing, and still be able to pay my bills.


The bottom line is, any one of us can publish a book. For free. That basically tells me that SOMEONE screwed up. You never know who is going to take total advantage of that and publish books left and right … just because they can.

Someone like event