‘Twas a Problem with Updates (No Christmas Cards This Year)

Christmas 2015 2

‘Twas six days before Christmas
I’d made up my mind
and sat down to make Christmas cards
– even came up with a design

With Sharpies all neatly arranged with great care
I sat down at the table
(and pulled back my hair)

My coffee cup placed on a chair by my side
to prevent any spills I wouldn’t be able to hide

And while I was doodling away with my pen
my computer decided to update to the new Windows 10

With my design in my hand, I went to my scanner
set it down on the screen in the usual manner

Back at the computer with movements so quick
Found the scan icon, moved the mouse, *click*

When, what happened then
I’ll tell you right now
Was a big, fat nothing
And I didn’t understand how

My cords were connected
The wi-fi just right
But my scanner wasn’t working
my obvious plight

More rapid than eagles I searched high and low
On Google and Microsoft, they seem in the know

Get new drivers installed for the printer and scan!
Restart your computer as fast as you can!

I did what they said
followed all of the signs
and still nothing worked
and I tried it six times!

I stayed up half the night
to get the job done
vowed to try again later
once morning had come

Reinstalled driver one
and the printer did work!
– but the scanner did not
and I felt like a jerk

Installed driver two
and according to plan
I heard the right whirring
— it started to scan!

With excitement I opened my scanned documents folder
and found my design, added font, made it bolder

I sat at the screen ‘til I finished my card
After what I’d gone through with the printer
This part wasn’t hard!

I got out the mailing list of family and friends
and the stamps and the envelopes so I’d be ready to send

The cardstock was loaded in the rear paper tray
All set to print
I was on my way!

The right number of pages, paper and size
I clicked on the icon and got a surprise

No whirring no buzzing my printer did make
I decided right then that was all I could take

Like the best-laid plans of those mice and men
There’ll be no Christmas cards this year
Thanks to Windows 10!